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Room Parties
FantaSciCon welcomes anyone with the intestinal fortitude to throw a room party. However, we need you to contact us at fantascicon@gmail.com , after you make your room reservation to let us know you will be doing a party so we can assign your room number in our party block. If you are not in our designated Party Block your Party will be shut down. We have 3 party rooms available so please make your request early. (Due to the limited number, party rooms must be reserved for both Friday and Saturday nights.) We will also be more than happy to list your room party on our web site.


FantaSciCon Room Parties for 2016

We currently have one Party Room available.
Parties will be listed as they are submitted.

OutsideCon 29
Room # 109
Saturday night following the Slave Auction

Dance Party at
Crystal's Ballroom

Room # 110
Saturday night following the Slave Auction

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