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FantaSciCon 2016
Opening Ceremonies

    Who ever decided Opening Ceremonies is suppose to be boring should be shot. That is one thing ours never is. I urge everyone to attend at 7:00PM Friday evening to really crank up the convention and get it all started. We always try to have something entertaining that you will, at least, get a good laugh out of. It is also where we get to tell all the new members where to go. NO, not like that. Where everything is located such as the Dealer's Room, Programming, Gaming and Special Events are to be held. We also have a chance to inform everyone if there were any changes in the schedule after the Program Book went to print. We make special announcements, as well as giving members, dealers or Guests a chance if they have something to say to our attendees. Since we do Opening Ceremonies in the Con-Suite, it also gets everyone in and ready for the Annual cookout we do for supper that is served at 8:00PM following the opening festivities. This year we have come up with an opening that I think will be memorable for everyone. At this time, it's top secret. If we let out too much it would destroy the surprise. So at that, I really do hope to see everyone in our Con-Suite "The Black Wolf Tavern" at 7:00PM Friday evening.


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