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FantaSciCon 2016
Literary Programming

    We will have a full track of Literary Programming for our members' enjoyment.

Friday Programming

"Meet and Greet the Guests"

Friday evening at 9:00PM. Come and hob-nob with all our professional guests.


Our Panel Topics are all in. The Schedule will be in our program book. Hope you enjoy.

Rob Brown
Vintage Sci-Fi Movies and Art - Rob E. Brown
Join Reb as we discuss pre-1970 Vintage Sci-Fi movies! As we discuss the films that we love, Reb will take suggestions for a Sci-Fi sketch. You can watch Rob work on the drawing as the panel comes to end. The drawing will be available for purchase through the Charity Auction.

Horror Art 102 - Rob E. Brown
Join Reb as he discusses horror art - and works on a sketch during the panel based on suggestions from those in attendance. The drawing will be available for purchase through the Charity Auction.

Richard Fierce
1. Time Travel and the Bible: an amazing look at a little known fact
2. Time Travel: An Interactive Experience

R. Kyle Hannah
Panel One: Writing time travel...get your facts straight.
The author will be discussing his TIME ASSASSINS series and the work involved to make it both entertaining and educational. From picking the historical events, to conducting the research, to adding the author's flair, this will be an in-depth look into the time travel/alternate history series.

Panel Two: Time travel...getting from here to there.
The author will be moderating an audience participation discussion on the methods of time travel. From blue boxes, to time tunnels, to DeLorean's, and beyond...a look at the vehicles to go backwards and forwards in time.

K. T. Hunter
Time Traveler's Trivia -
Compete with your fellow time travelers for a prize answering questions about your favorite time travel fiction: movies, literature, and games!
A prize basket will be awarded to first and second place winners.

"It's About Time!" - a presentation on the quest for measuring time. What was time like before we could measure it so precisely? And why did we pursue the perfect clock?

Doug McKittrick

1.  The Writing Process:  A look at what it is to actually create a literary work.
2.  World Building: The richness and depth of a good story begins with the world in which it is set.  But building an entire world can be a daunting task!  How do you do it?  Glad you asked!

Walter Rice

1. Dimensions of time and Psychic abilities: Theories of how quantum Physics and parallel dimensions allow certain people to see or experience things of the past or of the future. And methods on how to experience them yourself.

2.Portals and lost time:  historical evidence of people walking into portals and experiencing time shifts, seeing past and future events and even disappearing only to reappear days or years later.

Fan Based Programming

Kyle Guthrie

A Brief History of Tech-Noir

Douglas Adams once said "There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable." Well, anyone who has watched all five Terminator films knows this happened about nine times. The Terminator franchise is one of the best known works of fiction about time travel and like all time travel movies has it's own particular set of rules that both make and don't make sense at the same time. Self professed Terminator expert Kyle "Skunk" Guthrie will present a dissertation on those rules and how it all makes sense, with the newest film Terminator Genisys serving as the solution that makes his hypothesis a theory. Beware: spoilers will be discussed!



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