Take Me Home

We will no longer be attending Con-Nooga
for several reasons, the main one being that Todd has moved Con-Nooga to the first of March, Not only is that right on top of us, but, by then, our rates have already increased to $50 which means, that even with the on site discount, the cost would be $45. So, the chance of us doing any pre-regs there would be impossible and therefore no reason for us to go.
    Another thing is the promise he made to the fans. In the very beginning he alienated all the Chattacon folks by knocking their convention for not doing, by his thoughts, what their members wanted and his would be "By the fans, For the fans", which is still his by line. That he would listen to his members and give them what they wanted. For four years the fans have asked for a con-suite and he has refused. His excuse being that he wants a Family Friendly Convention and doesn't want to serve alcohol. I have told him on several occasions that he doesn't have to serve alcoholic beverages to have a con-suite, a few soft drinks and snacks would be sufficient. I also tried to explain that a con-suite serves as a lot more than a place for eating and drinking. It's a centralized meeting place for members to meet up at a later time, after attending different programming. It's sort of the convention equivalent to a chat room. I think what most of it boils down to is money. All the other local conventions are Non-Profit, Con-Nooga is a For Profit Business. Say he would have a $2 per head budget, which would be extremely small, that would be $6000 out of pocket. It's not like Con-Nooga can't afford it. Do the math, folks, if indeed he had close to 3000 members for 2012 at an average of $30 per head (factoring in the cost of Vendor's Tables) that's $90,000. Even at $20 per head, that's still $60.000. So by simple deduction, my dear Watson, it comes down to cost.
    I'm sure all his attendees are going to love having to take a shuttle from the Choo Choo to the Convention Center just to go to the Dealers Room. I imagine the Dealers are going to be overjoyed, as well. If all he wants is a trade show, why even bother with the Convention end of it?
    I have also come to the conclusion that Todd would make an excellent politician. He can't tell folks about his convention without running a smear campaign against the other local conventions. But, Heaven Forbid, anyone saying anything derogatory about Con-Nooga.




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